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TFI Know-how

How does professional invitation management work?

Expert:  Patrick von Ribbentrop

Whether we are talking about a big company anniversary celebration, a summer party for colleagues and staff, a trade fair event, a fabulous ... more...


How is the trade fair industry doing in Latin America?

Expert:  Andrés López Valderrama

After all eyes have been on the Asian market, Latin America is now also coming into the spotlight. And prospects there sound rather tempting.... more...


How do tablets and smartphones make active participants out of listeners?

Expert:  Alexander Stendel

Dreary lectures in a monotonous monologue style will put any audience to asleep and are quickly forgotten afterwards. Instead of bored listene... more...


How can exhibition visitors be reached with multi-touch applications?

Expert:  Matthias Woggon

Multi-touch systems provide exhibitors at exhibitions with numerous options. There are simple applications that can be designed in relation to ... more...


What are the options for capturing visitor information, and what barriers exist?

Expert:  Florian Hess

There are now a great many technical options available for capturing visitor information electronically. Visitors can register either online or ... more...


Is there a right of withdrawal after purchases at trade fairs?

Expert:  Silvia Bauermeister

New legislation implementing the EU consumer directive will be coming into force on 14 June 2014 and giving exhibitors benefits under the law. Co... more...

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