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TFI Know-how

How can exhibitors use a trade fair app for their marketing?

Expert:  Sabrina Reinhardt

Trade fair apps offer new functions that allow exhibitors to use technology to play an active role in shaping their entire trade fair appearance. ... more...


How do German federal states help exhibitors abroad?

Expert:  Sieglinde Sautter

Just as there are shared stands at some trade fairs abroad for exhibitors from all over Germany, Germany’s federal states organise shared stands on... more...


What’s the best way to proceed with a trade fair appearance project?

Expert:  Elfie Adler

FAMAB has developed a concept that describes the process involved in organising a trade fair and brand appearance in five phases – from planning to ... more...


What possibilities of promotion do exhibitors have at a trade fair?

Expert:  Michaela Griep

Exhibitors can generate additional attention on-site not only beforehand, but also during an exhibition. Favourite measures At strong marketin... more...


How can exhibitors get bespoke clothing for trade fairs?

Expert:  Michael Kuhn

A company exhibiting at a trade fair is represented there by its staff. Moreover, exhibitors find themselves in direct competition with other compani... more...


Which service providers are exhibitors allowed to choose themselves?

Expert:  Thomas Erken

Apresentation at an exhibition requires stand design, electricity, decoration, lighting, and many other things. Exhibitors are allowed to do much ... more...

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