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What exhibitors should know about Indian business partners

Expert:  Paresh H. Patel

At Indian fairs you can initiate successful deals. Still, international exhibitors should brief themselves thoroughly about the market specifics befo... more...


How do telephone follow-ups increase trade fair success?

Expert: Rolf Leicher

The real business of trade fairs often doesn't start until the stands have been dismantled. By following up systematically by phone, you can increase... more...


What does a CRM system for trade fairs need?

Expert: Dr. Bernhard Erler

Especially in times of stagnation loyal regular customers are important for every business. A functioning CRM system helps a fair company optimise co... more...


How does the stand leader appear competent and secure?

Expert: Spomenka Kolar-Zovko

The stand leader is the key person in the presentation of a firm as well as in achieving the goals established for an exhibition. He or she has to ... more...


What is important when dealing with Chinese business partners?

Expert: Zuhui Mao

The fundamental structures of China’s social fabric penetrate everyday living and even influence business life. This is something western partners sh... more...


How can exhibition organisers optimally fix their prices?

Expert:  Dr. Frauke Hagemeister

Exhibition organisers operate in a twofold market: they sell stand space to exhibitors and admission tickets to visitors. Demand and willingness to p... more...

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