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TFI Know-how

How can exhibition organisers optimally fix their prices?

Expert:  Dr. Frauke Hagemeister

Exhibition organisers operate in a twofold market: they sell stand space to exhibitors and admission tickets to visitors. Demand and willingness to p... more...


Does it make sense to dress in CI-conforming outfits at trade fairs?

Expert: Hans-Peter Beck

To help trade fair visitors establish contacts, the sales team should be instantly recognisable. It can make things easier if the stand team wear a u... more...


How are successful price negotiations conducted at exhibitions?

Expert:  Lothar Lay

At exhibitions where sales are made directly salespeople should not shoot from the hip. If they want to be successful in the long term then they have... more...


How does trade fair small talk result in good contacts?

Expert:  Karin H. Schleines

Small talk is a great deal more than just superficial chit-chat. It can smooth the path towards an interesting exchange – particularly at trade fairs... more...


What help do young exhibiting companies get in Germany?

Expert:  Ruth Nicolai

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) has been encouraging innovative young companies to participate at selected internation... more...


How can the success of fairs be gauged on the Internet?

Expert: Robert Drblik

The Internet has changed the trade fair landscape. Consequently, not only should fair companies be offering both fairgoers and exhibitors more online... more...

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